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In Memory of Lamont Ericson, M.D.

Dr. Ericson

(April 13, 1964 - May 6, 2007)
Dr. Ericson often joked that if he could pull a theme from his medical school days, it would be: "Eat when you can, sleep when you can, and don't mess with the pancreas." It is a sad irony that cancer of the pancreas would eventually take his life.

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In Memory of Lamont Ericson, M.D.

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However, it is impossible for those of us who knew and loved him to reflect on the full and fabulous life of this great man, before we find ourselves quickly pulled from the shadows of sorrow into the light of blessed memories.

Dr. Ericson attended Medical School at the University of Utah. Those were tiring yet glorious days for him. The friends in his study group remained some of his dearest friends. They were able to offset the stress of intense study by enjoying raucous foosball tournaments together. Dr. Ericson possessed the wonderful gift of humor, and often used laughter (and Coca-Cola) to help keep himself and the other soon-to-be-doctors awake for study sessions.

Dr. Ericson spent the next several years at the University of California, San Diego, where he completed his residency. He gained valuable experience at the Shiley Eye Center, and thoroughly enjoyed his association and friendship with his colleagues there. Dr. Ericson returned several times later in life to train new residents at UCSD. The Ericson family is so honored that a microsurgical lab is presently under construction on that campus which will be named in Dr. Ericson's memory.

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Next came the move to Utah, and the treasured relationship with Mountain View Eye Center began. Dr. Ericson was taken in as family by Dr. Treft, Dr. Jepsen, and all the technicians and staff members at the office. He immediately felt at home and developed a camaraderie there which would bless him the remainder of his life. He looked forward to annual river trips, Christmas parties, luncheons, and any other activities that involved his Mountain View Eye Center family.

Dr. Ericson was a gifted surgeon, but was equally as talented at communicating with his patients. He considered it a great and heavy responsibility to be at his personal best every day, so as to bring the best results possible to the patients he served. He cared about each of them deeply, and often thought about them long after the work day was complete. He made a vow that he would go to sleep early, in the quietest room of the house, each night before surgery. When Dr. Ericson learned of his terminal illness, he wrote a letter to all of his patients explaining his situation, and expressed his deep regard for what they had each meant in his life. His home boasts many beautiful artifacts crafted and given to him by dear patients he truly grew to love.

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A few years into his medical practice, Dr. Ericson met his wife Debbie. They were both a little older, and Debbie knew she had found a gem like no other. Their union was well worth the wait! They felt like the luckiest people on earth when, within a few years, they were blessed with a beautiful girl, and a handsome little boy (who looks just like his Dad!) Even though the children were very young when their father passed away, his influence is engraved firmly within them. Once, when his daughter Aspen was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she responded: "I'd like to be a Mom, a cheerleader, and a doctor, so I can help people like Dr. Seuss!" Marshall, Dr. Ericson's son, was about 2 years old when his Mother was searching for a quick compliment. She asked her son, "Who is the best Mom you have ever had? "Marshall thought about it for a minute, then replied, "Dad is."

Dr. Ericson's children love to visit Dad's old office, and especially enjoy sitting in the beautiful bench out front which was recently dedicated to him. The Ericson family is so touched that the Mountain View Eye Center family, speared by friend and prior co-worker, Katie Bodily, came together to create that monument for him. Katie summed Dr. Ericson up well when she penned the words on the bench:

"A man who gave us vision, with more than just eyesight."

-Written by Debbie Ericson

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