10 Contact Lens Do's and Don'ts

    DO care for your contact lenses properly. It's risky to skip steps in your lens care routine! Use the proper care products, and never clean your lenses by popping them in your mouth.

    DON'T switch brands of contact lens care products, unless you ask your eye doctor first; not all care systems are compatible with all lenses.

    DON'T "stretch" the replacement intervals your doctor has specified. Each lens has a replacement schedule that will minimize the chance of problems and maximize success.

    DO focus on value, not just price, when buying contact lenses. Availability, convenience, and customer service are important.

    If you're a parent, DON'T hesitate to let your teen wear contact lenses. Almost 50 percent of new wearers are teens, and most of them start wearing contacts before age 15.

    DON'T experiment with your contact lenses by, for example, using food coloring to tint them. Trying to change your eye color this way is dangerous because food coloring isn't necessarily sterile.
    DO get contact lenses even if you're a confirmed eyeglasses wearer. Daily disposable contact lenses (wear them once, then throw them out) will be perfect for those occasions when even your favorite glasses are a pain, like when you're playing sports.  

    DO see your eye doctor if you're not completely satisfied with your contacts. With so many advances in recent years, like bifocal contact lenses, for example, there may be a different contact lens that will make you a happy wearer.

    DON'T share your contact lenses with anyone, ever! It might be fun to see how you'd look in your friend's blue or cat-eye contact lenses, but sharing lenses can spread microorganisms and infections, such as pink eye, and is dangerous.

    DON'T take contact lensesfor granted! A contact lens is a medical device. If you experience eye redness, eye pain, or develop other unusual symptoms, see your doctor immediately.